Services We Provide

Review and Research

From an in depth meeting we write a full brief and review all internal policies which will include travellers needs and special requirements.

We interview key personnel, management, frequent travellers, travel co-ordinators, finance and human resource personnel.

We review current and historical costs and service issues. We meet incumbent suppliers to identify previous and existing problems.

We then provide a detailed report, with recommendations to save money, enhance servicing, improve procedures and cost control together with proposals as to how they should be implemented.

Recommendation and Selection

We write the Tender Brief and potential suppliers are invited to tender. This may or may not include incumbent suppliers.

We fully analyse and assess all submissions, supply a written report for discussion, short list favoured suppliers and conduct final negotiations with them in conjunction with your management.

We then present our final report and recommendations in a clear, concise format with a full analysis and rationale to support our recommendations.


After you and your management have made the decision on supplier/s, we implement the appointment which may include introduction to existing and/or new systems, writing travel policy manuals, training staff and the internal marketing of the new travel management program to personal.

As support we undertake a full review with you and your management and major supplies after 90 days.

Project Management and Monitoring

During the implementation process we can act as 'on-site' consultants if required, to assist in managing and setting up new procedures, advise on technology hardware and software as appropriate and train staff.

An important part of any successful corporate travel management programme is to carry out regular re-assessment. Everybody should be made aware of these checks as it sustains the aims and objectives of the original plan.

Continued monitoring of your own policy compliance, your systems and supplier's performance is an essential part of the on-going service we offer. Regular review meetings, audit analysis and services updates enhance the value of the original consultancy package.

Technology and Automation Processes

The rate of change in the travel industry continues to accelerate. Travel and Entertainment has become a high profile target for corporate re-engineering efforts. In response to these changes, all sectors of the industry have announced a flood of new technology to automate the travel process. Each new piece of software promises to be the "total solution" that will revolutionise the market.

In reality most of these products target only one area of the travel process, promoting the goals of one industry segment, and do not address all the needs of the corporate customer.

We are constantly evaluating these products as they are developed and can provide practical advice to suit the individual needs of our clients.

We can introduce companies to a system that will allow their travel planners to access the total range of flight options, hotel accommodation and car hire; and then allow them to confirm all the arrangements according to company policy through the PC's on their desks.

Finance and Credit

By introducing corporate financial programmes we have increased management control, reduced costs in administration and improved the worth of meaningful management information.

In addition travellers have benefited from simpler recovery of expenses whilst management has benefited from a reduction in internal procedure.

With an ever growing need to provide consultancy to control travel expense on a global basis, Brain & Company have developed close working relationships with professional travel management consultants in a number of locations world-wide.

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