1 London City Airport gets Liverpool link

VLM Airlines is launching flights between London City and Liverpool following the success of its Manchester service.

The airline will offer five return flights every weekday, two on Sundays and one on Saturdays.

The first departure leaves London City at 6.40am and the last leaves Liverpool at 7.15pm.

Weekday return fares will start at £74 including tax and the flight takes one hour. This compares to a weekday rail return fare of £24 (if purchased 14 days in advance). The train journey takes about three hours, although services may take longer due to engineering work taking place in the New Year.

VLM has also boosted weekday flights between London and Manchester to operate nine return flights per day. (Source Business Traveller Magazine online / details

For more details go to www.flyvlm.com

2 BA Signs GDS Deals Altering Fees In Exchange For Access

British Airways finally has secured major discounts from Galileo and Sabre in return for guaranteeing the two global distribution systems full access to all fare types. Although no figures are being released, the discounts, effective March 1, are understood to be significantly deeper than the 12.5 percent Galileo and Sabre agreed to with numerous airlines in the United States last year.

(Source BTNonline: full story

3 Worldwide passenger traffic to grow by 7%+ in 2004

Latest forecasts from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) suggest global scheduled airline passenger traffic will increase by 7%-8% in 2004, its first year of growth since 2001.

(Source e-Tid) full story

4 JFK AirTrain opens for business

AirTrain, a USD1.9 billion rail line linking the city to JFK airport, opened for business last month with promises that it would end the misery of many of the 30-odd million people who fly to and from JFK each year.

Until now travelling from the centre of New York to its main airport has traditionally been a rather painful process

According to the Financial Times, the trip from Manhattan to JFK will still not be problem free, as it still requires a taxi or subway ride to either of the two AirTrain terminals. The newspaper reports that getting from the city centre to the airport used to take as long as two hours in a rush-hour taxi; the new facility will take passengers from Jamaica or Howard Beach to the airport in around 12 minutes at a cost of USD5 each way. New York Port Authority, which owns the new system, says it will carry as many as 34,000 people a day to JFK.

The Financial Times reports that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday (17th December) welcomed the new train as a "new era in the growth of New York City's aviation industry.

Source details

5 Women travellers want minibars

According to a recent study, a minibar is the most important hotel amenity for women business travellers, followed by brand name toiletries and spa facilities.

(Source Business Traveller Magazine online details

6 BA shares jump 5% on strength of Dec03 traffic

Shares in British Airways hit a near 12-month high of 242p on Tuesday (6th January) after the airline reported premium traffic rose by 4.7% last month.

BA carried a total of 2,686,000 passengers last month, an increase of 1.1% from December 2002.

(Source & full story

7 Trade welcomes US 'names' decision

Business travel agents have welcomed a new agreement on access to passenger name records by US authorities in the fight against terrorism.

But they warn that further data required through the US’s separate Advanced Passenger Information System could cost clients more because of the time needed to collect it.

The Passenger Name Record for travellers to the US has been accessed by American authorities since March, after airlines were told they would be fined if they did not make data available.

(Source Travelweekly online full story

8 Corporations Travel The Low-Cost Route

With budget atop the list of business traveler concerns, low-cost options are feeding business travel recovery, according to a new survey released by Accenture.

Fifty-nine percent of business travelers surveyed said they have traveled on a low-cost carrier within the past six months, and two-thirds predicted that their use of these carriers will increase or stay the same.

Business travelers are also keeping their hotel costs in mind, with 75 percent saying they would stay at mid-range hotels, 13 percent at budget chains and four percent at luxury properties.

(Source Travelwire / full story

9 £525.00 fee waived in Special Offer

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10 Regional airports get boost in 2004

The UK’s regional airports have announced a series of new routes from January onwards, with more flights from Newcastle, Manchester, Norwich, Southampton, Bristol and Exeter among others.

Bmi Regional is launching daily weekday flights between Norwich and Manchester from January 26. The flight takes 50 minutes and tickets will cost from £25 one way. Also starting on January 26 is a daily weekday flight between Aberdeen and East Midlands. Fares will start at £25 one way.

(Source Business Traveller Magazine online / full story

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