News Clips for Corporate Travel Management: February 2014

  1. Is Managed Travel 2.0 Really Unmanaged Travel 2.0

    There has been a lot of hype around a new concept in which employees should be able to book outside of the TMC, so long as the information gets captured in the expense system or itinerary management tool. What's the big deal? It's cool because it lets employees do what they want. After all, this is the younger generation etc., etc.,

    Read this full article in Business Travel News by Andrew Menkes, which I personally think brilliant

  2. The result is in

    We hope that you will recall that last month we asked our readers to let us have your views on what would be the best result for you and your travellers where airport expansion in the South of England is concerned. Whilst some of you were obviously tied down with sorting out the post Christmas rush those that were able to reply did so in a very forthright manner virtually unanimously voting for a new airport/location such as Foster or Boris Island, as one reader commented - "We should be building for the future not for today. Both other offerings are building for today only, then in 25 years time we will be back to square one again. Lets stop messing about and build a multiple runway airport as suggested by Boris Johnson, this is the most logical and sane solution."

    There you have it Sir Howard Davies, try listening to users and travel organisers for companies that are trying to put the great back in Britain and stop pussyfooting around. We need a new airport so let us start building it now!

    The British Government in its various guises has been gouging the travellers from the UK with their APD Tax since 1994 and by now must have collected enough in revenue to build five new airports and umpteen HS2's.

    We know that we cannot match China's investment capacity having announced that it will spend 60 billion pounds this year to double the size of its high-speed rail network. The investment forms part of a project which represents the largest and the fastest rail expansion programme in the world with over 6,000 miles of track and 1,000 high-speed trains in China.

    So Mr Cameron IF you have any leadership qualities NOW is the time to use it or make way for Boris!

  3. Scotland's railway gets ready for Glasgow's Games

    With the Commonwealth Games now just six months away, Network Rail is preparing the railway to do its bit to make this summer's event a success.

    The company is embarking on a programme of enhanced maintenance on the railway lines leading to key venues and investing in Glasgow Central to further improve facilities at Scotland's busiest station.

    Work is currently underway to cut back vegetation on electrified routes into the city, and to increase the maintenance of vital infrastructure such as power and signalling equipment and key junctions.

    Litter and graffiti will be targeted for removal ahead of the Games on the approaches to busy locations including Glasgow's Central and Queen Street stations and at Haymarket and Waverley in Edinburgh.

    At Glasgow Central, over £2m will also be invested between now and June on a range of improvements to the facilities and appearance of the station.

    The Union Street entrance will be refurbished and decorative stainless steel gates installed. The entrance to the lower level station will be upgraded and a new archway feature created to frame the escalators and direct customers towards the low level. The toilets at the station are also being refurbished and modernised.

    Work to electrify the Glasgow-Cumbernauld line and deliver a new station for the town in time for the Games is expected to be completed on time, with electric trains running by March and the new station open by late June.

    Source: BreakingTravelNews - full report

  4. Ofcom clears way for superfast broadband on UK transport

    Passengers on boats, planes and other vehicles could enjoy superfast broadband speeds when travelling in the UK, following a decision made by Ofcom on the 21st January.

    The decision will mean that airlines and other transport operators could in future use satellite-based technology to offer customers broadband speeds up to ten-times faster than they currently experience. The technology also provides an alternative means of connection on trains and coaches.

    This would be achieved using ‘earth stations' - devices which, when mounted on moving vehicles, can provide internet to passengers by connecting to a ‘geostationary' satellite.

    Passengers currently access the internet on vehicles using smartphones and internet-connected ‘dongles', or by using entertainment consoles on aircraft or Wi-Fi on trains.

    Earth stations will allow much faster data speeds, as Ofcom is making available a relatively large amount of high-frequency spectrum for their use. This will provide a considerable amount of data capacity.

    Recent advances in technology have improved the effectiveness of earth stations. Newer antennas are capable of maintaining very stable pointing accuracy, allowing the earth station to track the satellite closely - even when mounted on a fast-moving vehicle. This makes it easier to maintain a reliable internet connection.

    Source: Breakingtravelnews - full report

  5. Business Travel Show

    The 20th Business Travel Show takes place this week on the 4-5 February at Earls Court, London and what an exhibition and conference it is shaping up to be!

    With over 80 new suppliers added to make the 210-strong exhibitor line-up and a conference programme spanning 70 sessions, it's time to find out who's doing what in the industry, what you can do at the event and to start planning your two full days of business.

    Take a look at the Show Preview!

    We look forward to seeing you at the Business Travel Show this week.

  6. Everybody needs a hand sometime

    Whether you are a fully experienced procurement specialist hand with years of experience or a relative newcomer taking on fresh responsibility the world of Corporate Travel can be a minefield with pitfalls just waiting round the corner.

    Whatever level of competence you possess the services of Management Solutions (UK) Ltd can be an enormous help to you.

    "The whole process of reviewing, specifying and tendering our Business Travel requirements, developing a new Travel Policy and selecting a provider went very smoothly indeed. The 'aftercare' service, where you have assisted with setting up and monitoring the service of the new provider, has proved very valuable for both our company and the new service provider."

    "Thank you for the invaluable assistance you have provided. Your considerable experience in this field has been of enormous value to us and, there is no doubt, that you have enabled us to conduct a far more radical review of our arrangements than would have otherwise have been possible."

    These are just two quotes from some of the hundred plus businesses we have assisted over the past Twenty plus years.

    So if you have a questionor would like to speak to an unbiased expert just call 020 8444 7788 or drop us an email at or fill in our enquiry page online and we will see what we can do for you.

  7. The Buying Business Travel Forum

    The next Buying Business Travel Forum, the successor to the Corporate Travel & Expense Forums that were originally organised by ourselves (MS-UK), will take place at the superb City Grange Hotel on Tuesday 8th April so clear your diary pages now. The overall theme this time is "Worldly-Wise: Facing Global Challenges" and will examine how UK PLC continues to look abroad for trade - as the economy recovers.

    Whether you run an international corporate travel programme Globally, on a Pan European basis or simply within the UK, this forum will share insights to help you adapt your programme to manage the many and varied international challenges you face, both strategically and on a daily basis.

    As usual the day will be split into four sessions, each featuring its own topic - the Agenda so far decided looks like this:-
    1. The 3 C's - Compliance, Communication, Culture
    2. Travel - The Risk Business
    3. Technology: Moving Money
    4. and finally the Open Session: The Day's Key Takeaways

  8. Car sharing grows internationally

    Zipcar has benefitted from Avis Budget Group's vast network of airport locations and relationships across the country, offering Zipcar service at airports within days of the two companies coming together earlier this year.

    Avis Car Rental invented the on-airport car rental business in 1946 and today, parent company Avis Budget Group continues to be a leader in the industry.

    Today, Zipcar is at 26 airports including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago (Midway and O'Hare), Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, London (London City and Heathrow), Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, Newark, New York (JFK and LaGuardia), Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Carlos, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Toronto and West Palm Beach. Zipcar plans to add additional airports before the end of the calendar year.

    A wide variety of Zipcars, including Toyota Prius, Ford Kuga/Escape and BMW 3-series models, are located in Zipcar-branded parking spaces within the Avis Car Rental facility at most airports. Zipsters can hit the road immediately after exiting a flight, without any paperwork, lines or extra fees, and enjoy additional time-saving amenities such as electronic toll passes (where available). The return is just as fast, since there's no requirement to return the car with a full tank of fuel and members simply zip right into a reserved parking spot.

    Source: BreakingTravelNews - full details

  9. Is Flying Today Is So Much Better Than It Was In The 'Golden Age' Of Aviation?

    It's easy to look at vintage photos from the glory days of aviation and feel a wave of nostalgia, especially if you have taken a plane in the past ten years.

    The common refrain is that back in the day, a journey with Pan Am was glamorous. The seats were big. Meals were good and served at actual tables. The bathrooms even had urinals!

    Today, planes are basically flying buses. Seats are crammed together. The food stinks or is nonexistent. The bathrooms are gross, tiny, and getting smaller.

    A flight is something to be endured, not enjoyed.

    But flying today is better than it ever was back in the day, for four key reasons: it's cheaper, it's safer, it's faster, and it's never been more luxurious - if you have money to spend.

    Read in full the excellent article by Alex Davies

  10. A new creation from Darwin

    A new Switzerland-based airline was launched in Zurich. Established in partnership with UAE national airline, Etihad Airways, the new carrier named Etihad Regional will be operated by Switzerland's Darwin Airline, which is headquartered in Lugano with a major hub in Geneva.

    The first aircraft to feature Etihad Regional's branding, a 50-seat Saab 2000, and new cabin interiors and crew uniforms were showcased for the first time to international media at Zurich Airport, alongside an Etihad Airways Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

    The new livery will adorn all 10 aircraft in the fleet by the end of June 2014.

    Subject to regulatory approval, Etihad Airways will acquire a 33.3% stake in Darwin Airline as part of its equity airline alliance strategy. Darwin Airline will become the seventh member of the international alliance and Etihad Airways' fourth partner in Europe.

    Source: Travel Newsgram from - part of Tata Communications

  11. Newquay FlyBe

    The short ‘summer only' Southend - Newquay route which easyJet operated last year and subsequently dropped, has been resurrected by Flybe. The Exeter-based airline will fly three times per week during 2014 and extend the programme from May through to September.

    The service is seen as a boost for Newquay Cornwall Airport which initially lost out with Flybe selling its Gatwick slots to easyJet who were not interested in the route.

    Under the terms of the sale Flybe has continued with its three times daily Newquay - Gatwick operation which was due to finish at the end of March. Last month it announced that the route had been saved and would continue at least until the completion of the airline summer season.

    Flybe also flies from Newquay to Manchester, currently three times a week but daily in the summer.

    Paul Simmons, Flybe's Chief Commercial Officer, says: "It was an easy decision to keep this route alive. The South West has a lot to offer and our Newquay service will provide a fast and convenient option for those looking to go on holiday to Cornwall. It's a win-win for everyone and demonstrates Flybe's commitment to supporting local economies."

    Source: BusinessTravelNews - original story

  12. Ryanair expands Manchester routes

    The services from the north-west airport to Lisbon and Zadar, which both begin in April, are in addition to four routes - to Barcelona, Bologna, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria - that Ryanair will introduce in March.

    Ryanair's new Lisbon route will operate four times weekly on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays and the new Zadar route will operate twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays.

    The budget carrier will also be opening its third Portuguese base in Lisbon in April. There, it will house one aircraft and operate four new summer routes, to Manchester, Dole, Marseille and Pisa, out of nine in total.

    Source: Businesstravelleronline - full report by Graham Smith

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