News Clips for Corporate Travel Management: December 2013

  1. Shuttle for Every/Anyone

    Whether you are looking to cut down costs or just want reliable service to get you or your clients to and from the airport, the exciting new transfer service recently launched by Silver Shuttle should ring your bell.

    Silver Shuttle is a service for London Heathrow and other London airports for those living in or visiting London and South East England, and offers unbeatable prices with door-to-door

    Silver Shuttle offers great money-saving prices especially on its shared service options where similar journeys are matched together. With such low prices, transfers to London airports now come within the reach of the most budget-conscious travellers who can benefit from a stress-free service without any of the normal hassles associated with getting to the airport.

    Silver Shuttle will collect you from your home, hotel or office and get you to the airport on time, in comfort and with complete peace of mind. No more worries about what time to leave, which terminal to go to and lugging heavy luggage around, and there are even 'Best Price' and 'On Time' guarantees all via the convenience of online booking.

    Click here for further information:- or call +44 (0) 330 223 0100

  2. Planning to act in 2014?

    It's hard to realise the fact that we are close to saying goodbye to 2013 and getting ready to turn the page to the New Year. With that in mind, if you are thinking of an audit of your Travel Procurement programme in 2014, please feel free to contact me now so that we can pencil you into our schedule.

    Often when January comes around those in charge of corporate expenditure turn their mind to the travel budget and need to know if savings can be made - Corporate Travel and related spend is often one of the largest numbers in the corporate budget.

    Whilst we endeavour to deliver your audit when requested, we are often fully committed and need to juggle our commitments at this time of the year.

    In addition, it takes approximately 30 days to establish an audit project and a further 30 days to carry it out so if you are thinking January, that means we need to commence our groundwork and organise our appointments before the partying starts.

    So don't delay - contact our office today and if we can answer any questions for you regarding our services or if you need a cost estimate for a project. Contact us by filling in this form - or by phone on 020 8444 7788 or mobile 079 5178 8153. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

  3. Ryanair react & rethink

    Ryanair have relaxed their baggage rules and reduce charges for passengers who don't print out their own boarding passes from Sunday 1st December.

    The changes are part of a raft of initiatives being carried out by the airline to help improve its customer service.

    Under the new rules, Ryanair now allow passengers to bring a second small carry-on bag (small ladies handbag or small airport shopping bag), no bigger than 35 x 20 x 20 cms, as well as a free 10kg cabin bag allowance.

    The airline is also cutting its boarding card reissue fee from €70/£70 to €15/£15 for customers who have already checked in online.

    Customers who fail to check-in online will continue to pay a €70 airport check-in fee.

    From January 5, Ryanair's standard airport bag fees will be cut from €60/£60 to €30/£30 at the bag drop desk, and from €60/£60 to €50/£50 at the boarding gate.

    Ryanair said this will bring the charges in line with its rivals.

    At the end of December, Ryanair will also introduce a 'My Ryanair' passenger registration system on its recently revamped website, claiming this will speed up bookings further.

    Source: Travelmole - full story

  4. No HS2 but Paris-Barcelona go high speed

    Good news for fans of high-speed rail. After many months of delay, the through Paris-Barcelona TGV train service is expected to start on December 15.

    Although high-speed services do currently operate on this route, passengers must change trains at Figueres on the Franco-Spanish border which means that, besides the inconvenience, the trip takes longer than it should.

    Although the train companies have yet to officially release details of the new services, more information can be found here

    TGV services will be operated by double-decker Duplex trains and from March 31, service frequency will be doubled.

    It means that daytime rail travel between London and Barcelona can easily be accomplished.

    Even though the launch date is three weeks away, through-train schedules have not officially been published by the train firms. It means that bookings cannot yet be made and neither have any tariffs been announced.

    Such has been the interest in this new service that London-based rail agent Loco2 is offering en email alert service for when bookings open.

    Source: Business Traveller - full article by Alex McWhirter

  5. London City looks East

    London is moving east - that's the message from business leaders in London's Royal Docks today.

    As London City Airport launches a report on its future plans, businesses and developers are calling for more recognition of the huge investment taking place in and around the Royal Docks, which they are calling the 'Crown Jewels of East London'.

    Up to 50,000 new jobs will be created in London's Royal Docks in the next ten years.

    Businesses in the docks will attract more than 12 million visitors a year and will have generated almost £75bn for the UK economy by 2023, with a further minimum annual contribution of £7bn thereafter.

    Cast the net a little wider to Canary Wharf and Stratford's International Quarter and more than 300,000 jobs will be supported in these key areas of East London alone by 2030.

    Almost half of new housing being built in the city is in East London, there's a bigger forecast growth in population in East London than in any other part of the city and the area has more business start-ups than any other part of the city.

    Significant investment from the Silvertown Partnership will deliver a new waterside destination in the Docks with cutting edge brand pavilions, new homes, restaurants and shops, while ABP plans to build a large-scale Asian business port opposite the airport's runway. Connectivity will be improved by the introduction of Crossrail from 2018.

    Source: BreakingTravelNews - full story

  6. Major investment in Manchester's rail system this Christmas

    Major improvements will be getting underway at Manchester Victoria this Christmas as Network Rail delivers the next stage of its plan to electrify the railway throughout Manchester and the North West.

    To allow the project to be completed safely, there will be no Northern Rail trains serving Manchester Victoria after the last service on Christmas Eve until Thursday 2 January 2014 when services resume. Customers are being advised to check travel details thoroughly when booking tickets and before they travel.

    Northern Rail services to Liverpool, Preston, Blackpool, Wigan, Southport and Blackburn will start/terminate at Manchester Oxford Road or Salford Central

    Source: BreakingTravelNews - further details and information

  7. BA launches shopping site

    British Airways has relaunched its shopping website under the brand name Gate 365 with a promotion of 500 Avios for each customer's first purchase.

    Gate 365 is a revamped version of BA's eStore and provides the airline's Executive Club members with Avios points when shopping there. Only members who are resident in either the UK or US are eligible.

    The relaunched site is also currently offering seasonal bonuses for purchases.

    Gate 365 has hundreds of retailers, and acts as a portal whereby the visit to the website is tracked and then Avios earned on purchases.

    The new site can be accessed at

    Source: BusinessTraveller online - full story by Tom Otley

  8. Concorde -2?

    Plans are underway for a new generation of commercial supersonic aircraft a decade after Concorde ceased flying. But will companies be prepared to pay the price?

    Ten years ago, one of the commercial aviation world's most remarkable and controversial aircraft flew for the last time, bringing to an end the 27-year era of flying on business and for fun at twice the speed of sound. Concorde G-BOAF, the last of the 20-strong fleet of iconic aircraft to be built, made its final flight on November 26, 2003, when it flew back from London's Heathrow airport to its original home at Airbus's Filton facility in Bristol.

    The final three commercial flights under British Airways' colours had already taken place a few weeks earlier.

    Air France's supersonic fleet, had stopped flying for good in May 2003. While Concorde might in normal circumstances have been able to survive the impact on its safety reputation in the aftermath of the Paris crash, it could not fight back from the fatal combination of a weaker economy, rising aviation fuel prices and a growing belief among corporate travel buyers that paying premium fares for 1960s technology no longer justified the extra burst of speed. It was - without - doubt the end of a special era of aviation history.

    But perhaps a new era of supersonic travel could yet emerge. The lure of flying faster-than-sound on a commercial basis has never really gone away. While the British and French governments who bankrolled the original development of Concorde's supersonic technology have, understandably, eschewed similar largesse in the current economic climate, scientists in the US and Japan are leading the way in a new race to develop the so-called 'Son of Concorde'.

    By the end of this decade, in fact, there is the strong possibility of at least one new supersonic business jet (SBJ) becoming available for the generation of Wall Street and City bankers who were too young for the real thing last time round. Such an SBJ would be about the size of an existing small (12 to 20-seater) Gulfstream jet, and would probably still only fly transatlantic between London or Paris and New York unless the restraints on supersonic flying over land are lifted.

    But while developing the technology for a small supersonic business jet by 2020 or shortly thereafter appears feasible, the timeframe for developing a larger supersonic aircraft is further away. Most industry experts put the development of a real replacement for Concorde taking until at least 2030.

    Source: BuyingBusinessTravel - full report by David Churchill

  9. Waterless car wash

    Hertz has introduced a way to wash your car without water. The waterless process is estimated to save millions of gallons of water per year.

    The process has been rolled out to more than 220 locations throughout the US, and Hertz aims to make it available at all 3,700 locations in Europe through 2014.

    The car rental company has begun using a proprietary, environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution that was developed with Green Team Partners. Just six-to-eight ounces of the solution can wash an entire car in 8 minutes.

    "We were very excited to bring our processes and products to Hertz and even more thrilled when Hertz adopted our waterless detailer programme for its fleet," said Max Krumer, president of Green Team Partners. "To see a large organisation put such great emphasis on going green and investing in sustainability efforts is amazing, and we're glad to be part of Hertz's efforts."

    Source: BusinessTraveller online USA - full story by Maggie Squires

  10. CityFlyer boosts London City capacity by 27%

    British Airways subsidiary CityFlyer will add another three Embraer aircraft at London City next year, taking its total fleet at the airport to 17.

    The airline will also add new routes to Rotterdam and Florence and extra daily flights to Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Zurich, and switch its Düsseldorf service to an Embraer jet from a Saab turboprop. The expansion takes its total network from the Docklands to 26 UK and international destinations.

    CityFlyer's growth comes as the airport seeks planning approval for a £200m expansion to accommodate up to 120,000 annual flight movements and to double passenger numbers to 6m over the next ten years.

    Source: e-tid - full report

  11. This Year's Top 10 Business Class Cabins

    No one really likes to fly, especially for long distances. Economy-class cabins are cramped and uncomfortable. For those who can afford it, flying business class and other premium classes is the way to go. Today's top business class airlines are doing whatever they can to ensure passengers are happy, well-rested and well-fed.

    In true reality television fashion we are listing the top ten in reverse order as follows:

    10 - Swiss
    9 - Etihad
    8 - American Airlines
    7 - Oman Airways
    6 - Air New Zealand
    5 - Eva Air
    4 - Qatar Airawys
    3 - Virgin Atlantic Airways
    2 - Singapore Airlines
    ... and in First place we have Cathay Pacific!

    This Top 10 Business Class Cabins of 2013 was produced by Jonny Clark, founder of Read Jonny's assessment here

    Source: Blue Sky - read this and other articles here

  12. A Christmas Party

    Tickets are now on sale for this year's TBTM Christmas Party which returns to The Grange St Paul's Hotel, London, on Wednesday 18 December.

    As ever, this promises to be a party to remember with a drinks reception sponsored by Heathrow Express, three-course festive meal, half a bottle of wine per guest, and a disco into the early hours courtesy of Evolvi Rail Systems.

    Why not treat your team, customers or yourself to a night out among colleagues and friends as the business travel community comes together to celebrate the festive season.

    The timetable for the evening is as follows:

    7pm - Drinks Reception
    8pm - Dinner
    9.30pm onwards - party, party, party
    1am - Carriages

    Tables of 10 cost just £650, table of 12 are just £780 and individual tickets cost £70.00.

    To book your place click here

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