The ACTE Column: Tomorrow's World

Wanted: troubleshooters with high emotional intelligence.

THERE HAS BEEN REVELATION after revelation of disproportionate UK management bonuses, banking excess and world economies in freefall, making it clear that a new set of leadership values is needed to get us out of this almighty mess.

Yet with each generation comes new ambition and hope. Evidence suggests the next generation of business leaders will focus on a different set of values to power us out of the quagmire we are in.

What distinguishes a good leader from a great leader is character. Great leaders have courage, integrity and compassion: courage to prevent poor practice and behaviour from dominating the workplace, integrity to make the right decisions for the right reasons for the business, and compassion to understand how decisions affect employees, customers and society.

We all know of companies that breed politics, allowing decisions to be made based on personal need. But by encouraging employees to put the needs of the organisation at the heart, companies will attract the best and most committed employees. It is those organisations that create the most successful brands that people want to be part of as an employee and to do business with as a customer. Ergo, personal needs and greater work satisfaction levels are far more readily met.

Through today's global financial turmoil, the most urgent skill-sets required are those of change-management specialists and people who can troubleshoot. As we pull ourselves out of recession, employers looking for new-style leaders will focus on those able to demonstrate integrated reasoning - those most able to "join the dots".

Global evidence suggests a clear correlation of a more diverse boardroom profile with share price performance and company success. Across the world, there are enormous variations in culture, business practices and protocol, meaning we must adapt the way we communicate to get the best results.

The boardroom of tomorrow is expected to consist of more women and younger leaders, operating in a flatter structure with a high quotient of emotional intelligence. It's clear that the ways we work and communicate are constantly evolving and changing.

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