Caroline Allen writes the ACTE Column for Buying Business Travel

Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen is ACTE's Regional Director, Europe & Middle East.

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    The ACTE Column:

  • Issue 69: July / August 2014
    The Same, but Different
    The diversity of our business community benefits everyone

  • Issue 68: May / June 2014
    A Global Perspective
    To succeed in business travel, collaboration is key

  • Issue 67: March / April 2014
    The Only Constant Is Change
    It is essential to keep pace with today's evolving business landscape to stay on top

  • Issue 66: January / February 2014
    Seeing the Light
    Good duty-of-care is essential, both for travellers' well-being and increased effectiveness

  • Issue 65: November / December 2013
    Upwardly Mobile
    The digital revolution is changing the way business is done across the globe

  • Issue 64: September / October 2013
    The Great Escape
    We might not be right back on track yet, but the economic signs are good

  • Issue 63: July / August 2013
    Be Fully Informed
    The smart manager is the one who can master today's increasing deluge of data

  • Issue 62: May / June 2013
    Terminology can have many different meanings and interpretations

  • Issue 61: March / April 2013
    Data Protection
    We must learn to future-proof ourselves in anticipation of new technology

  • Issue 60: January / February 2013
    Pay your dues
    We all want to contribute to the UK's recovery, but it has to start from the top down

  • Issue 59: November / December 2012
    Keep on running
    When the going gets tough, the tough get multitasking...

  • Issue 58: September / October 2012
    Keep on running
    The business travel world can take plenty of inspiration from Team GB

  • Issue 57: July / August 2012
    Face time
    Real meetings are still vital in a fiercely competitive environment.

  • Issue 56: May / June 2012
    Weight watchers
    We can all learn from different and creative approaches to trimming the fat from our businesses.

  • Issue 55: March / April 2012
    Tomorrow's world
    Wanted: troubleshooters with high emotional intelligence

  • Issue 54: January / February 2012
    Action Stations
    Now, more than ever, we need to unite as an industry and share best practice

  • Issue 53: November / December 2011
    Adapt and grow
    Create the culture and use the technology to reach out to all your employees and customers - whatever their ages

  • Issue 52: September / October 2011
    Adapt and grow
    The business travel industry must adapt to volatile social and economic trends in order to survive

  • Issue 51: July / August 2011
    Supply and demand
    Has the trend for transparency in the industry pushed up prices?

  • Issue 50: May / June 2011
    The mobile generation
    How will the travel industry keep up with new mobile booking channels?

  • Issue 49: March / April 2011
    In flux
    The business of corporate travel is never static, and flexibility is the key to success.

  • Issue 48: January / February 2011
    Reputation is everything
    Modern communications technology can be a boon to brand promotion - but make sure you stay ahead of the game

  • Issue 47: November / December 2010
    The economic tightrope
    Getting your business model and travel programme right is a balancing act in these changing times

  • Issue 46: September / October 2010
    Too much information?
    Why business travellers must get to grips with the dizzying range of new technology out there

  • Issue 45: July / August 2010
    Dawning of a new age?
    Flickers of hope begin to light the bleak landscape of the recent past

  • Issue 44: May / June 2010
    Adapt and survive
    We need to embrace innovation and share information to stay ahead of the game

  • Issue 43: March / April 2010
    Spin over substance?
    In our information-laden world, perhaps video links can bring clarity

  • Issue 42: January / February 2010
    All bundled up
    Decent data consolidation can cure many an industry headache

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